Employee-Owned Property Manager Jobs

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Property manager jobs at employee-owned companies combine real estate expertise with a culture of shared ownership, creating a professional environment rooted in both effective property management and collective success. With a direct stake in their company’s success, property managers not only oversee the maintenance and profitability of properties but also manage tenant relations, address maintenance requests, implement cost-effective property improvements, ensure compliance with property regulations and lease agreements, and actively seek opportunities to enhance property values and rental income, contributing to the organization's enduring success by maintaining thriving and well-managed properties while aligning their real estate expertise with the collective prosperity of the company.

Property manager jobs typically include a bachelor's degree in a related field, real estate licensing, strong interpersonal and organizational skills, experience in property management, knowledge of property laws and regulations, and the ability to effectively manage properties while upholding tenant satisfaction and aligning with the company's shared ownership culture. Real estate skills combined with ownership culture cultivates a motivated, empowered, and tenant-focused workforce, ensuring the efficient operation of properties, lease management, and contributing to the company's lasting success by delivering exceptional property management services that resonate with both individual management abilities and the shared well-being of its employee-owners.

Employee Ownership

Employee ownership changes the relationship between the company and employee. Today there are 6,400 employee-owned companies in America.

Wealth Building

Working at an employee-owned company provides tremendous wealth-building benefits beyond conventional roles. Employee-owned companies provide every employee with reasonable access to ownership through broad-based structures such as Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs), or even Direct Share Ownership Plans (DSOPs). 

Ownership aligns interests and encourages wealth accumulation as the company thrives, enhancing the financial security of the employee-owners and positively impacting the culture of the business.

Ownership Culture

Broad-based ownership creates alignment, fosters commitment, increases collaboration, and drives innovation. Giving employees a direct financial stake in the success of the company incentivizes efficiency, leads to improved decision-making, and increases customer satisfaction. The shared responsibility created by an ownership culture strengthens the company’s performance, which benefits employees through shared ownership. 


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Positions list a wide range of experience, ranging from 1-10 years of property manager experience or equivalent
  • Degree requirements vary from High School diploma and equivalent to Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees in related fields
  • Proficient in computer and technology skills
  • Most roles require you to pass background check and drug screen
  • Some roles may requires certain certifications/licenses prior to hire